The Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer:

is an analog raster manipulation device for image processing and real-time animation. The Rutt/Etra was co-invented by Steve Rutt and Bill Etra.

I've always been very impressed by the resulting aesthetics. Impossible for many years, the digital age offered me the opportunity to enter this reality.

Depending on which visual content is loaded, unique synthetic works are created. The motifs are portraits, moments and of course coincidences.

Only a few parameters are in controll - the synthesis works for itself and the number. Sometimes the lines un-cover the picture, the people and reality.They reduce to the essential. The synth waving soul. The oscialation that resides in everything.

Beside the inventors of this great technique, Rutt and Etra; my thanks go to Felix Turner. Without his work . I would not have sat fascinated in front of the screen ...for hours, days ...

Ihme Zentrum Hannover

"maskierte Landschaft"

"the Finger"


"GummiEnte / RubberDuck"

"Leaders and Lines #1"

"the Head?"

"follow me"



Molnupiravir, Merck


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